Realtimes automatically finds the best photos and videos from your collection, selects the best shots and creates video and collage stories set to music. When you’ve been to an event or on a trip, Realtimes has already created a unique story for you before you’re home. Stories are easy to customize and can be easily shared with friends and family either digitally or as a printed photo album, personalized phone case and more. Your stories are always accessible to you online and can be played on smartphones, tablets and the web.

Design process

We are working in sprints, with design sprint being ahead of development sprint. We are using similar processes and methods from the design sprint process, but adjusted to fit our needs because our product team is dislocated between Seattle (USA) and Zagreb (Croatia), which makes it extremely challenging to work in sprints. That means that we had to make a lot of changes to the process to make it work. There is still a lot we can improve, but so far it works really well.

We love prototypes

We make sketches and lo-fi wireframes to get the basic layouts and flows done, but we jump into prototyping as soon as possible. Having a prototype makes a huge difference, makes us more efficient, and makes communication so much easier.

User research

Each sprint we conduct usability testing. We have a large user base so we test our real users. Our setup is really simple and we use the same setup in both of our offices. Great thing about a simple setup is that you can take it anywhere and setup in minutes. That means that we can also do tests outside of our office.


After couple of iterations based on feedback from usability tests, we are ready to start development. As we are working on one product, most of the prototypes use final, or almost-final designs, which makes hand-off easier. Developers start working on an MVP product which we then test further (sometimes static prototypes can't tell the whole truth) and make modifications if necessary.

Understanding how our products look under the hood and knowing the possibilities and limitations of each platform is essential for every interface designer. That’s why our team of designers use Xcode and Eclipse, and we learned basics of version control system.

This allows us to build apps and test them on our own, and more importantly, to be able to work on the implementation of the design and to bridge the gap between design and implementation.

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