AgentCash provides small businesses, merchants and service providers a fast, modern and simple mobile payment system. This means it has a big variety of users, and it needs to be easy-to-use, fast and reliable.


Previous solution used a left side navigation bar for top level navigation. While I’m generally not a fan of off-screen navigation, I think it can be a good solution in some cases where it is not used as the only navigation system (e.g. when there are ways to navigate content from the home screen of the app as well). For AgentCash it was not an optimal solution, so we decided to use tab bar navigation on iOS and scrollable tabs on Android.


AgentCash will be used in various situations with different light. One of the common use cases are shops in the open, where the sunlight can significantly decrease the visibility of the screen. That’s why fonts size and contrast were improved.

Android and iOS

We did Android version from scratch, and it had to follow what was done on iOS version. Later, focus shifted towards the Android version. It’s interesting that, in the end, Android version got built and released to public before the iOS version because of the easier development process and less technical challenges.

Tablet interface was also a requirement from the start, but the focus was on phone version first. We had to keep in mind, though, that the interface will scale to larger screens at some point.

Because of the relatively complicated use cases, we were eager to test a live app with our pilot users on the field. The plan was to test the first release with a selection of retailers and small shops and iterate quickly on the live product.

Design process

We started with sketches and wireframes for the iOS and Android version. We planned two stages of the product development. First stage had a set of features that were essential for solving technical and legal issues. Later we added other features, leaving only a few less important ones for the final stage.

 Sketch almost completely eliminates the need for redlines

Sketch almost completely eliminates the need for redlines

Working closely with developers was, as always, the best way to get a good result. We made a lot of decisions and design changes on-the-fly in a fast iteration process.


Product was released during December 2014 to a limited user base. It is being tested IRL and iterated according to user feedback. Here's a short promo video (in Croatian).


Additional credits: Ana Belić (DES), Elvis Mehmedović (DES), Ivan Ferdelja (DEV)